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Aries Free Cooling Cooling Capacity 14 - 50 Tons The range of Aries Freecooling units are a series of air cooled packaged water chillers, equipped with a new free-cooling integrated system. The Aries Freecooling chiller has two independent and separate rows of fans, one dedicated to cooling the condensing coils and the other to cooling the free-cooling coils. Free-cooling chillers save electrical power usage by using cooling fans instead of refrigeration compressors and condenser fans.
Parallel Scroll compressor coupling within single refrigerant circuit Finned coil evaporator inside the storage tank (201-301) and shell and tube evaporator (351-751) Condensers and fans installed in a separate compartment with aeraulic isolation, for maximum Free-Cooling effect and maximum overall energy efficiency. 3-way modulating valve for Free-Cooling (controlled by microprocessor), water connections within chiller Total Free-Cooling from approximately 10 °F below the water outlet temperature Microprocessor control with advanced software ensuring optimum control in all conditions Environmentally friendly refrigerant R407C with zero ozone depletion