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Pulse Technology for High/Medium Air Flows The refrigerant compressor is permanently ON to achieve a perfect control of the dew point. The microprocessor controls through “pulses” the opening and closing of a solenoid valve installed on the suction pipe of the refrigeration compressor, in partial load conditions then only a small portion of the nominal refrigerant flows through a by-pass capillary to the compressor. In partial load conditions the compressor compresses less refrigerant than at peak load and therefore it consumes less energy (refrigerant flow control technology). Thermal Storage Operation for Low Air Flows The refrigerant compressor cycles ON/OFF for maximum savings and reliability. Since the refrigeration capacity is greater than the load, the excess capacity cools the all- in-one exchanger that acts like a thermal storage.
NEW DEiTech - Pulse Technology The DEiTech dryer utilizes pulse technology. Pulse technology combines the regulation by pulses of the refrigerent flow and thermal storage to produce maximum energy savings and the lowest dew point. DEiTech Capacities 10-1,000 SCFM Enhanced Energy Savings Reliable Drying & Separation High Operating Limits Easy Installation User Friendly
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