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DryXtreme - MPS heaterless dessicant dryers 8-365 SCFM DryXtreme MPS Desiccant Dryers offer pressure dew points down to -40° or even - 100°F, allowing numerous critical applications to function accurately and efficiently. DryXtreme is UL complaint and ASME exempt. It has the ability to operate at 60Hz and 50Hz AC voltages. The reliable controller manages and monitors dryer operation, and supplies the user with updated information as to unit operation, maintenance needs, warnings and alarms. It can furthermore be easily interfaced with external software packages. The compact housing can be installed vertically or horizontally. MPS008-035 can be wall mounted and offer 3 inlet and outlet ports which can even be inverted. The silencer allows installation near operating personnel, with an internal 1 micron post-filter eliminating the need to install one downstream.
DryXtreme - MPS