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Timed or electronic zero-loss drains. Condenser pre-filter (air-cooled versions). Centrifugal fans. Water regulating valve (water-cooled versions). Copper-fin or pre-coated condensers.
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NON-CYCLING REFRIGERATED AIR DRYERS                                                          NON-CYCLING (DRY POWER - MG) 700 -5,600 SCFM   DryPower features a modular design whereby multiple heat exchangers ensure optimum performance throughout its broad capacity range. The highly efficient DRYMODULE exchangers allow lowest dew point levels in all conditions with minimum energy consumptions.  This non-cycling refrigerated air dryer's extreme compact packaged design simplifies positioning and maintenance.  The sophisticated microprocessor technology and scroll compressors offer the user the most advanced technical solutions.
Features: Energy savings of around 20%. Less moving parts, reduced risk of damage. Reduced vibration for increased dryer reliability. Increased peace of mind (full redundancy) with Improved tolerance to liquid refrigerant returns
Features: Dew point control -cross-flow design allows condensate to be separated as soon as it is created. Oversized demister separator: removes condensate at all air flows.
Scroll Compressor .
Precooler-Reheater, Evaporator and Demister
Features: Digital display of: -Dew point (permanent) -Air inlet temperature (permanent) -Air outlet temperature Multi level menus with multiple password protection allowing extensive programming Condensate drain programming. Volt free general alarm contact.
Advanced Microprocessor