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What is an air dryer ? In simple terms, air dryers provide a 38°F - 50°F dew point for compressed air.  Refrigerated air dryers also remove water vapor produced from compressed air.  If moisture is not removed malfunction of critical equipment will occur.
Refrigerated Dryer MTA introduces Hybrid drying technology by combining two drying processes into a single dryer, direct exchange and thermal storage operation; the result is the very lowest energy consumptions. DE Hybrid: 2 dryers in 1, much more than twice the benefits. 20 - 2,000 / SCFM Capacity Easy to Use & Maintain
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R134A refrigerant offers high overload capacities. Easy to use and maintain. Operation in high ambient of 115°F, 110°F for DE1600/2000. Lowest dew point provided by thermal storage acts as a buffer covering sudden load variations. Stainless steel demister removes condensed moisture at all air flows. Environmentally safe - no risk of cross contamination between refrigerant and compressed